Team Blue Card


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As The Blue Card works to better the lives of Holocaust survivors, we encourage everyone to better oneself by eating right, exercising, and taking care of oneself both physically and mentally.

If you are someone who runs and would like to get involved, or you want to get involved and do not know how, please consider running with Team BlueCard in the next local and national Marathons. Take this as the incentive you need to start taking care of yourself, also while spreading awareness and fundraising for need Holocaust survivors who cannot help themselves.

If you already run, use this opportunity to make your run more meaningful but running for a cause. Run for The Blue Card and help us raise the needed funds and awareness for Holocaust survivors living in poverty.

100% of all donations raised go to helping those most in need of assistance.

Team Blue Card in Endurance Events worldwide.

Team Blue Card Events - Run for The Blue Card 2020

Thanks to Team Blue Card, The Blue Card has been an official Charity Partner of the TCS New York City Marathon since 2009, the Miami Half/Full Marathon since 2009, the TD 5 Boro Bike Tour in New York City since 2011, participated in the Panasonic Lifetime Triathlon since 2015, and participated in other marathons nationally and internationally including Germany, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel, and Italy. Our endurance team participants come from around the world, including Argentina, Austria, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico and South Africa.
Team Blue Card has used Social Media, Crowdfunding, Employer Gift Matching, sponsors, social networks, family and friends, and more to fundraise for needy Holocaust survivors. Thanks to their commitment and dedication, members of Team Blue Card raised over $2,000,000 since 2009.

To learn more about The Blue Card’s marathon participation and bike tour, please email us at

2020 Team Blue Card Application and Medical Waiver for TCS New York City Marathon, Sunday, November 1st​


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