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The Blue Card Video Library

Most Historical Videos of The Blue Card

VP Joe Biden Addresses Elie Wiesel at The Blue Card Gala

Holocaust survivor Goldie J.'s Guest Appearance for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day Event

Joe Biden Delivers Message at The Blue Card Benefit Dinner to Aid Holocaust Survivors, 2019

Tribute video for Homebound and isolated Holocaust Survivors

The Blue Card's 2019 Gala and Awards Dinner to Aid Holocaust Survivors, Highlight Video

The Blue Card

CLEARCUT | Paying tribute on Holocaust Remembrance Day| Monday, April 24th 2017

Training Webinar for Dental Professionals - Trauma Care - Blue Card Fund Inc. 7-31-17

CNN Holocaust Survivor Stories

TJC's Jewish News Week in Review: June 12, 2015

Retooling Dental Health for the Holocaust Survivor - Blue Card Fund, Inc. 4-6-17

Tribute to Le Chambon

Charity Run Story

Professor Elie Wiesel -- The Blue Card

The Blue Card

The Blue Card

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