Education & Outreach


Education & Outreach Programm

Person-Centered, Trauma-Informed Training

The Blue Card’s goal is not only to help needy Holocaust survivors, but to also raise awareness and educate the public in general. Holocaust survivors will not take care of their health in fear of medical professionals and “white coats” because of their Holocaust experiences.

To better help medical professionals be able to serve Holocaust survivors, we provide Person-Centered, Trauma-Informed Training for Dental and Medical professionals working with Holocaust survivors. This program provides sensitivity training to medical and dental profession working with Holocaust survivors.


Nutrition Guidance

To ensure that Holocaust survivors live healthy lives, The Blue Card educates survivors on proper nutrition, and provides vitamins and supplements if needed.


Hospital Visitation

Many survivors get depressed when they are hospitalized because they have no family to come visit and comfort them. This program sends volunteers to hospitalized Holocaust survivors who need guidance and emotional support.

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