Current Beneficiaries


All Blue Card recipients receiving ongoing assistance must annually submit a recertification form and documentation by the end of June via their social workers. 

Any ongoing recipients who do not submit a recertification form and documentation by the deadline will be inactivated and financial assistance will cease. 
Ongoing programs include:
  • All Monthly programs
  • Holiday program
Social workers, if your client is in need of additional assistance please submit the recertification form and documentation with a cover letter stating what assistance the survivor is in need of.
All recertifications should be emailed or mail to The Blue Card office. (Do Not Fax)
To mail the application, please send it to:
The Blue Card
Attn: Recert Committee
171 Madison Avenue, Suite 1405
New York, NY 10016
To email the application, please email it to a Blue Card staff member or to with the subject line “Recertification form for {Holocaust survivor’s name}”.
The Blue Card carefully reviews each application and referral; all information is kept confidential. The review determines the appropriate amount of financial aid for that individual or couple, using federal poverty levels as a guide, with extenuating circumstances taken into consideration.
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