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As a non-profit organization, The Blue Card is uniquely positioned to help play a role in acquiring COVID-19 vaccines for Holocaust survivors. We have reached out to local social service agencies across the country, in order to better understand the challenges posed to survivors in their attempts to secure vaccine appointments. With this information, we have also contacted the two largest producers of the Coronavirus vaccine, Moderna and Pfizer.

We have since added a new section to our website, with information on both major vaccines. All of this in an attempt to provide survivors with the most accurate information available. We have also translated much of this information to other commonly spoken languages for the survivors convenience.

The Blue Card has provided financial assistance to survivors in need of transportation, to and from vaccination sites as well as additional assistance toward food items. We are currently in the process of coordinating with in-home medical service providers on the possibility of administering vaccines to home bound survivors.

As always, we are constantly looking for more ways to assist survivors during this pandemic. We have also been in contact with the interim Jewish liaison for the Biden-Harris administration on a possible awareness campaign for the vaccination of Holocaust survivors.

>> March 3, 2021 update:
New York City is providing in-home Covid-19 vaccinations (Johnson & Johnson) to eligible NYC residents who are fully homebound, have not already been vaccinated, and do not already have access to a vaccination program.

New Yorkers who believe they are eligible for an in-home vaccination can express interest using the NYC In-Home Vaccinations for Fully Homebound Residents Interest Form.  The city will use this information to call back to further discuss eligibility for the program.

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