Health & Wellbeing


Health and Wellbeing Programs:

Jewish Holiday

The Blue Card provides financial support for the High Holidays, Hanukkah and for Passover, giving Holocaust survivors the financial means to afford the extra items for the holiday and to have a happier holiday season.


Mazal Tov Birthday

Everyone should feel special and be treated on their birthday!

The Blue Card provides Holocaust survivors with a card and birthday money on their birthday. Receiving a birthday card means a great deal to survivors who lost their entire families during the war. We hope the small gesture brightens their day and gives them the option to splurge and get a cake or small gift for themselves.


Mood Restore Light Box

Too many Holocaust survivors live in small apartments with minimal light, and many find it too hard to leave their homes to go outside because of the weather, health conditions, or other reasons. The body and mind need sunlight to stay balanced. Many Holocaust survivors fall into a depressed state for too long, especially in the winter times.

The Mood Restore Light Box is a special, compact and portable, UV free unit that provides much needed light therapy to Holocaust survivors. In addition to effectively treating Season Affective Disorders (SAD), the Mood Restore Light Box, improves visual clarity and color rendering, as well as offset season weather and climate changes, and helps support the circadian rhythm regulation.***


Companion Pets

Minimal social interactions affect the mental state of a person’s mind. However, pets have been shown to be a great substitute.

Companion pets bring comfort and happiness to the older population with interactive, cats and dogs that replicate the look, sounds and feel of real pets. Many studies have found that these pets have the ability to enhance one’s well-being and quality of life through companionship.

***During the pandemic, we have seen an increase in demand for the Mood Restore Light Box and Companion Pets. As Holocaust survivors stay indoors for long periods of time for their safety, the Mood Restore Light Box and Companion Pets have helped them emotionally, mentally, physically, and lift their spirits during these uncertain times.


Summer Vacation

The summers in NYC can be stifling, especially for those in very small apartments and cannot leave their homes due to very high temperatures. Many Holocaust survivors won’t turn on their air conditioning unit in fear of their utility bill increasing.

The Summer Vacation program provides Holocaust survivors living in NYC with a getaway for a few days from the city to the country, where they can enjoy the outdoors, breath fresh air, and socialize with other people while doing activities. Survivors are provided handicapped-accessible accommodations, transportation, scheduled meals, and a well-planned itinerary, making the program structured, safe, and group-oriented.



The Blue Card provides multivitamins, minerals, supplements, liquid meals, and other vitamins that Holocaust survivors and the elderly in general need to maintain the health of their body, mind, and a good life.


Bring a Smile

The Blue Card provides additional support for terminally ill Holocaust survivors. The program essentially grants survivors their final wish.



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