The Blue Card encourages everyone to volunteer in any way they can.

  • Raising Awareness:
    If you are ready to welcome us into your home, we’re happy to arrange a parlor meeting. We have done many
    in the past where the host invites their friends, relatives, and business associates to learn about The Blue Card’s
    mission and the needs of our clients.

  • The Blue Card-Lissner Hospital Visitation Program:
    As a volunteer, you can pay visits to hospitalized Holocaust survivors who need guidance and emotional support.

  • Raising Funds by Participating in Sporting Events:
    Since 2009, Team Blue Card has been participating in national and international marathons to help raise funds and awareness for needy Holocaust survivors. 100% of all donations raised go to helping those most in need of assistance. We welcome you to join our team in any of the marathons we are official Charity Partners, or for you to join a local marathon and represent Team Blue Card.

  • Greeting Cards:
    Make and write Holiday or Get-Well cards for Holocaust survivors. We encourage students and teachers to get the whole class involved by writing a light and happy card for a Holocaust survivor. (All cards are screened by a Blue Card staff before sending to a Holocaust survivor. Please reach out to The Blue Card for more information.)
    Encourage your friends to send a virtual greeting card! (link Virtual Volunteering tab)

  • Call-ins:
    Volunteer to speak with a Holocaust survivor once or twice a week to see how they are doing and show them you care.

  • Making Personal Contributions:
    You can make a personal contribution
    You can arrange planned giving
    You can speak to your employer about corporate matching

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