The Blue Card Partners with Holocaust Survivor and Artist Georgette Hancock, and Actor & Activist Yuval David, to Raise Funds for Holocaust Survivors in Ukraine


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The podcast, titled “The Blue Card Stories of the Holocaust: Overcoming Historical Trauma,” is hosted by Masha Pearl, Executive Director of The Blue Card.

NEW YORK, NY– March 8, 2022The Blue Card, a national non-profit organization assisting Holocaust survivors in need, recently launched their podcast on Monday, February 14, with their first guest being Holocaust survivor Laszlo Adler.

In this series entitled Stories of The Holocaust, Masha Pearl, Executive Director of The Blue Card interviews survivors about their Holocaust experience, how they navigate their trauma, and the life lessons which have helped shape their perspective on prejudice and justice.

The Stories of the Holocaust podcast was born out of the clear need to archive the experiences of Holocaust survivors particularly as their population numbers continue to dwindle. Additionally, the program aims to address the sharp rise in Antisemitism across The United States, which includes both Holocaust distortion on the internet and from influential media personalities.

Pearl remarked that “we hope that this podcast will act as a valuable resource in confronting the disturbing rise and misinformation regarding the Holocaust.”

Pearl continued, “there is nothing more powerful than hearing a first-person account of a survivor… in addition to the historical significance of survivor testimony, these interviews will provide listeners with invaluable lessons on tolerance, resilience, faith, and community.”

Renowned psychologist, Dr. Eva Fogelman, will join Masha Pearl on the Stories of the Holocaust to provide insight on the guest speakers’ life challenges and triumphs as victims of trauma.

“As an active member of the counseling community for Holocaust Survivors, I am honored and appreciative to participate on the podcast and to provide background on the guests’ experiences,” said Dr. Fogelman. “These survivors are heroes, who despite their trauma, live their life with a tremendous amount of resilience and grit. They were victimized, but they are not victims.”

To promote this initiative, The Blue Card is inviting the public to encourage Holocaust survivors to enlist in their Speakers Bureau. Participating speaker bureau survivors will have the opportunity to preserve their experiences on the Stories of the Holocaust podcast as well access to paid speaking engagements.

Laszlo Adler, the first guest on the podcast, expressed his gratitude after the appearance. “As 89 years old Holocaust survivor and a marathon runner it was an honor and pleasure for me to be introduced and participate in the interview for the podcast,” said Adler. “The interviewers demonstrated extreme sensitivity and understanding of my life’s journey through the Holocaust and beyond. The completed production shows the excellent professionalism of the staff. I hope my participation is of some help.”

Of the nearly 3,000 Holocaust survivor households The Blue Card serves, three-quarters are over the age of 77 and nearly 70% live alone. Many of these survivors struggle to afford basic needs, such as adequate food and healthcare; more than half of them fall 200% below the federal poverty line, meaning their income is less than $24,980 annually.

The podcast can be found on both Spotify and Anchor. Masha Pearl is available for comment and other press opportunities.

To learn more about the Speakers Bureau, please contact:

Press Contact: 

Lauren Paquet, 212-805-3014

About The Blue Card

Established in Germany in 1934 as a grassroots effort and re-established in the United States in 1939 to aid refugees resettling in America, The Blue Card continues today to provide direct financial assistance to needy Holocaust survivors who live at or near the poverty line. As this population ages, with many now in their late 70’s, 80’s 90’s, and some over the age of 100 years old, their needs have drastically increased and changed, giving rise to the need for funding of essential needs. Funds raised are used to finance  various programs including stipendiary, medical/dental, cancer, vitamin/nutrition, and holiday as well as other initiatives for this frail and often neglected population.

For more information on The Blue Card, please visit or call The Blue Card at (212) 239-2251.

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