The Blue Card Partners with Holocaust Survivor and Artist Georgette Hancock, and Actor & Activist Yuval David, to Raise Funds for Holocaust Survivors in Ukraine


The Blue Card Partners with Holocaust Survivor and Artist Georgette Hancock, and Actor & Activist Yuval David, to Raise Funds for Holocaust Survivors in Ukraine


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Due to recent events overseas, The Blue Card is taking steps to offer relief and comfort to Holocaust survivors in Ukraine

New York, NY – March 31, 2022 – The Blue Card, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist Holocaust survivors in need has partnered with artist and Holocaust survivor Georgette Hancock, and actor & activist Yuval David, to raise funds for Holocaust survivors in Ukraine.

Masha Pearl, Executive Director of The Blue Card stated that “while the needs of Holocaust survivors in the United States are growing due to rising inflation and other economic factors, we felt it was incumbent upon our organization to raise and deploy a special earmarked fund to organize urgent humanitarian assistance to Holocaust survivors in Ukraine.

Thus far we have raised tens of thousands of dollars, and are distributing these funds to trusted, vetted, and effective partners on the ground to deploy urgent assistance to one of the most vulnerable groups of people impacted by this humanitarian crisis.”

Pearl continued, “Georgette reached out to The Blue Card with a desire to lend a hand to fellow survivors in Ukraine.  Being that Georgette is an artist, the natural next step was to organize an auction.”

The Blue Card’s fundraiser for this initiative will include an online auction of original works from artist and Holocaust survivor Georgette Hancock.

Hancock, who is of Hungarian origin and has been affiliated with The Blue Card for over 15 years, expressed her concern as the attacks escalated and approached The Blue Card about working together to assist survivors in Ukraine.

She stated, “While the situation on the ground is unbearable to watch and evokes many painful memories, I feel compelled to lend a hand in contributing to relief efforts through whatever means possible. I feel as though art has contributed a great deal to my healing as a survivor, and I hope that this auction will remind the world that peace should be sacrosanct and that we are each other’s keeper.”

American actor, director, filmmaker, and activist Yuval David is taking part in the auction as well. Yuval who uses his platforms within entertainment and media to further the reach of advocacy initiatives for humanitarian issues such as Jewish, LGBTQ, refugee, and other marginalized groups, he swiftly stepped in to support Ukrainian people in need. Speaking out and taking action, Yuval has been inspired in his process by his grandparents who were heroes and survivors of the Holocaust.

Yuval explained that his connection to this cause is deeply personal for him. “My paternal grandmother Hadassah was from Lvov. So, what is happening in Ukraine is even more personal. People in Ukraine require dire assistance. It is a mitzvah, and our responsibility to help those in need. I am a descendant of Holocaust survivors and those who managed to escape the Nazis and their collaborators. Our people know what it is like to be attacked. So, it is of utmost importance to do all I can to help – and now, those in Ukraine need immediate assistance, getting out of harm’s way, and having food, shelter, medical care, and other services.”

The online auction will go live on Thursday, March 31st and will run until Yom HaShoah Thursday, April 28th.

To bid on the art auction please visit

To donate to the Holocaust Survivor Ukraine Relief Fund please visit

The Blue Card

Founded in 1934, The Blue Card is the only organization in the United States whose sole mission is to aid needy Holocaust survivors by providing them with financial support. Presently, The Blue Card supports over 3,000 Holocaust survivor households in over 35 states.

Georgette Hancock

Georgette Hancock is a Holocaust survivor and artist living in Portland, Oregon. She first came to the United States in 1956 and has three Children.

Yuval David 

Yuval David is an award-winning American actor, filmmaker and activist. His work has been screened at more than 100 film festivals and won over 80 awards. As an actor, host, and director, his work is seen in TV, Film, Theatre, and web, including NBC, ABC, CBS, Disney, The Food Network, Comedy Central, YouTube, and across social media. He sits on boards, advisory councils, and is an ambassador of dozens of Jewish, LGBTQ, Israeli, humanitarian, and Holocaust related organizations.

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