Frank Harris

A Tribute

Frank Harris
Holocaust Survivor

(December 7, 1922 – February 22, 2017)

Frank Harris was a German Jewish survivor and Blue Card Board Member. He had an unparalleled dedication to his heritage and the struggles of his generation to transcend the horrors of Nazi Germany. He was a kind and sensitive man with a passion for life, regardless of the obstacles.

Frank was a tireless fighter of children’s nutrition. He was instrumental in the creation of the school lunch program in this country. Never satisfied to just supply food, his mission was to create a consciousness around the importance of providing children with healthy food, and its impact on learning.

He embraced the past while zealously advocating for the future, starting a multigenerational newsletter for survivors of the Holocaust, their children and their children’s children. He exhorted that survivor guilt is real and that confronting the pain of the past was the best way to moved forward.

In our world today – our current American dilemma – he was the epitome of who we should want to be. He is gone but his message is clear: Never forget, and act as if you have never forgotten.

by Joannie Bachenheimer


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