Boris – Holocaust Survivor Story

Boris was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1931. In 1939, he was forced to work in a labor battalion that traveled all over Hungary helping to build trenches and railroads tracks. In 1944, Boris was hiding in an underground basement in the Budapest Ghetto. One night, when the neighborhood was bombarded, he fled and barely escaped the bomb that directly hit the basement. The impact of the explosion propelled him 100 feet, causing him to lose the big toe on his right foot. Boris was in the hospital and then the Swedish embassy until the end of the war.

Boris now lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, also a survivor. Their family income barely covers their monthly expenses. The Blue Card sends Boris and his wife holiday checks to ease their financial situation, so they can have a joyful celebration of Passover, Chanukah and Rosh Hashanah. We also help them with dental services.


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