Claire – Holocaust Survivor Story

Claire, who receives dental services, has an unusual story; she was treated by the Germans as a European Jew even though she was born in the United States and is not Jewish.

At age 13, Claire and her parents were visiting their extended family in Italy when the Nazis entered the town they were visiting. She was sent to Auschwitz, where she lost her parents. After the war, Claire used the funds she received from Nazi restitution to make a new life in the US and she purchased a home in Florida. Sadly, in 2004, she lost that house in a hurricane; the cost of home repairs far exceeded the insurance payment and her savings.

At age 90+, Claire lives independently, with barely enough income to cover her daily expenses. She is in urgent need of dental care. The Blue Card has arranged for a dental evaluation, which recommended that Claire receive a new set of dentures. The Blue Card is happy to help Claire obtain the dentures and improve her daily life.


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